Thursday, September 01, 2016

Eclipse Che (coding within a browser)

I am not a professional programmer or developer. But I do need to code time to time. 90% of my coding is done with "vi". It's very powerful if the project is small. I also tried or sublime text, but they are just too powerful that I don't want to invest too much time. Then I found Eclipse Che.

Eclipse was a heavy IDE and I was using it 10 years ago, when I was still a big fans of Java. I put it down for years but when i visit the site again I found there is an interesting project: Eclispe Che - . Unlike Atom or Sublime Text, it's not a editor or IDE but a development infrastructure. It's not necessary to install it in your PC or laptop, but another server or even in the cloud. Even you install it in your PC you just install a docker container and use a browser to work:

As you can see everything is in docker. For my case I can put it in my HP N54L and then I can code with any computers. The installation is pretty simple, I will show it in the next post.

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