Monday, December 18, 2006

Create a "Encrypted Drive" with Truecrypt

Everyone must have some information that is confidential and not want to be accessed by others. However, when you left your laptop behind, lose it or even just a portable hardisk, your information are exposed. So anything can be done such that people can't read the confidential data?

With Truecrypt, you can setup a "Encrypted Drive" in Windows, or a "Encrypted mountpoint" in Linux. But before started the Truecrypt, the drive or the mountpoint is just a single file, or even a partition. People cannot decrypt the data from the file or the partition without the pass key which can be a password or a file.

There is also a 'hidden volume' feature. Encrypted data can be stored in an existing Encrypted drive/mountpoint but with a different pass key. So when you are forced to tell the pass key, you can just tell the 'less confidential' pass key and your data in the 'hidden volume' is still safe.

Using Truecrypt can definitely protect your data. But please don't forget your pass key or you will never get back the data.

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