Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Second Life in Linux

In these days I am playing second life which is a 3D virtual community. Very impressive about the 'economic'. It's because the currency in second life can convert into US dollar! That means you can try to 'earn' in your second life and than enjoy the result in the first life.

The official system requirement only supports Windows and MacOS which made my life not easy. I had no choice but using my only Windows based notebook to play. But now just heard that there is an alpha Linux version and I immediately downloaded and had a try. Now I can play in the 17" LCD monitor which makes my second life easier and enjoyable. Although it's alpha, the stability is still acceptable. The only problem is that the requirement of the graphic card and memory size is harsh. I found my old Nvidia card with 512MB is just enough to run the game.

Official page:
Linux alpha download: