Monday, January 29, 2007

AIX LVM Quick Refrence

Quick reference only. Assumed the reader is familiar with the concept of AIX LVM


smitty command

Command line


Create a VG

smitty mkvg

mkvg -y '' -s '128'

Create a LV

smitty mklv

mklv -t jfs -y ''

jfs2 is preferred

Create a filesystem

smitty crfs

crfs -v jfs -a bf=true -d -m -A

jfs2 is preferred

Resize FS

smitty chfs

chfs -a size=+

Extend a VG

smitty extendvg

extendvg ...

Reduce a VG

smitty reducevg


Move PV data

smitty migratepv

migratepv -l

Online a vg

smitty varyonvg


Offline a vg

smitty varyoffvg


Export a VG

smitty exportvg


Import a VG

smitty importvg

importvg -y

Remove a filesystem

smitty rmfs

Not recommend to use CLI

Make a lvcopy

smitty mklvcopy

Mirror a LV

Remove a lvcopy

smitty rmlvcopy

Remove the mirror of a LV

Split a lvcopy

No smitty

splitlvcopy -y 1

Mirror a vg

smitty mirrorvg


Unmirror a vg

smitty unmirrorvg

Not recommend to use CLI

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