Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Update MoinMoin from 1.9.5 to 1.9.7

This is the general steps for updating moinmoin from 1.9.5 to 1.9.7

  1. Stop web server or standalone process
  2. backup wiki instance (eg. mywiki or instance1)
  3. backup moinmoin installation path
  4. if there is customized logo, backup it as well (eg. moinmoin.png)
  5. delete *.pyc or *.pyo
    find  -name *.pyc -exec rm {} \; 
  6. download moinoin1.9.7 and install to existing path
    python install --prefix 
  7. replace moinmoin.png if necessary
  8. if using web server, remember to change the static path from "/moin_static195" to "/moin_static197"
  9. start web server or standalone process
  10. double check the version by http:///SystemInfo

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