Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Windows Vista is not really welcome

While Windows Vista will be released very soon, more than half of Europe Enterprise do not consider to upgrade to this latest version.

In my opinion, the enterprises do not think Vista will improve their efficiency. In fact, some of them even think Windows NT or Windows 2000 are 'good enough'. Another problem is that the upgrade of OS will also lead to the upgrade of hardware. Therefore, they have to find a way to handle the retired old machines (Perhaps install Linux on old machines is a good choice).

As the era of Web2.0 is coming, many software will change to web available. As you see the services Google provides, you can use mail, calendar, docs and spreadsheets, IM. It's not surprised that a 'browser only machine' is good enough for most users in the future. If what we need is only a browser, why should we to buy a powerful Vista for just open a IE or Firefox?


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