Friday, November 17, 2006

Using FON to access Internet around the world

Can you imagine there is a 'global ISP' which can provide service using wireless (WiFi) over the world? FON is now doing!

Actually FON is not really a ISP, but it asks the community to share their network connection with a special wireless router to FON's members such that the members can access Internet using the shared wireless access points. Please note that members can access Internet once they detect there is a FON access point nearby, no matter you are in Asia, America, Europe, Africa or even Antarctica (Only if there is really an access point)!

Is the service free? Yes and no, it depends on how you share your network. Please have a look at the official site and the plans. But what shocks me is that how this model will upset the traditional ISP. I can even imagine we can use a WiFi PDA or smartphone to access FON network, then use VoIP software such as Skype to make cheap call, instead of using IDD or roaming services when we go traveling.

Now the critical point is the number of people who are willing to share the network. If there are enough people, the FON will be a great success business model, make the people get closer and closer.

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